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Polycom RealAccess Service Change Log

The Polycom RealAccess Service subscription provides access to a dedicated instance on the Polycom RealAccess platform and provides conference service reporting capabilities based on data collected from your Polycom RealPresence Platform.

This change log identifies the changes that apply to the RealAccess Service Resolved Issues and Known Issues as well as the Scope of Service.

Important Information

Effective June 1, 2019, the Polycom RealAccess Service will implement a new data retention policy. Beginning that date, the RealAccess Service will retain data for the current calendar year and for one preceding calendar year. So for example, effective June 1, 2019, the Polycom RealAccess Service will retain the data for 2019 and 2018 only, and on January 1, 2020, the Polycom RealAcess Service will retain the data for 2020 and 2019 only.

Known Issues


On the Calls | Monthly page, Duration | System Type widget - the colors are different than expected for Audio vs Conf Phones.


The "Visit the Forum" feature is scheduled for "End of Life" (EOL) between April 1st-30th, 2019.


Customer is unable to play videos. Error loading skin - Log in page, Welcome page, Support page.


The Polycom RealAccess agent does not correctly support Secondary DNS entry.


On the Call | Summary page, the Models widget has duplicate entries. (OPPHNX-125/OPPHNX-123)


Customer cannot configure map locations with Cyrillic names fed by Google Maps. (OPPHNX-91)


On the Executive Summary page, the call counts between the Highlights and the Errors | Success Rate widget don't match. (OPPHNX-126)


Calls with a cause of “DURATION_EXPIRED” can be seen in the Polycom DMA System CDR, but not in the Polycom RealAccess export. (OPPHNX-73)


On premise version of Polycom RealAccess does not correctly report ITP utilization.


On the Calls | Summary page, the number of endpoints in the System Type list and the Models list do not match. (OPPHNX-33)

Issues Resolved in Version


On the Errors | Summary page, when clicking a specific error in the Disconnection Cause widget, the page takes a long time to load.


Calls with a cause code of “DURATION_EXPIRED” are reported as an unsuccessful call.


On the Calls | Monthly Duration page, the results in the System Type widget, are always empty. (OPPHNX-81)


On the Call | Summary page, the user's Timezone selection unreasonably impacts results.


On the Calls | Monthly page, Duration | System Type widget - Oct, Nov, Dec 2018 values appear to be double the expected values.


On the Calls | Overview page, in the Trends | Last 30 days section, widgets were removed.


The Polycom RealAccess Software Release widget displays the wrong version. This widget has been removed. Customers should visit support website for listing of latest GA software version.

Issues Resolved  in Version


On the Calls | Overview | Trends | Last 30 Days page, Calls and Duration are always a fixed value.


In the Inventory or Endpoint Grid, a filter of endpoints by model option displays a list of items labeled as "N'Name" instead of the actual endpoint model name.


In the Inventory or Endpoint Grid, a filter of endpoints by site option does not display a full list with all sites.


On the Calls | Trends page, exporting List View silently fails.


When using the Google Chrome browser, on the Assets | List View page, the Export function silently fails for large call lists (i.e. >50K lines). This problem has been fixed for call lists smaller than 50K lines. Recommend workaround is to use the Firefox browser for large export lists or to shorten the time frame being requested.


Calls originating from the RMX are not reported.


On the Calls | Monthly page in the first graphic that shows (Calls | Monlty Duration | System Type), the month of October and November are not populated.


On the Staging Calls | Summary page: the 30 day Call widget counts under Trends | Last 30 Days do not add up to same number as the Calls widget at the top of the page.


On the Staging Calls Summary page: the Call Duration pie chart shows both sizes of calls even when a filter is applied to restrict it.


The Polycom Real Access Service does not show monthly call statistics when filtered by site.


On the Executive Summary page, the Calls | Summary | Highlights widget does not match the values on Call Summary page.

Scope of Service

The scope of the Service includes only the services identified in the Polycom RealAccess™ Analytics Service Description document.

The following are a non-exhaustive list of items that are not included in the scope for this Service:

The Service does not include RealAccess Service Platform onboarding service.

The Service does not include troubleshooting of the RealPresence Resource Manager or DMA system installations.

The Service does not include consulting and interpretation of reporting results.

The Service does not include any onsite visits.

The Service does not include the implementation of user access authentication, as that is part of the RealAccess Onboarding Service.

The Service will not provide custom report development.

The Service will not show metrics of video.

This Service is applicable for a single customer environment and is not valid for service providers or multi-tenant environment. To inquire about these forms of the Service please contact your Polycom service representative.

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