Add a User Account

Add users to the RealAccess platform so they can view endpoint training videos or, in some cases, perform administrative tasks on the platform.

Note: If your platform uses SSO, you cannot add users.


  1. Click Admin in the lower navigation bar to launch the Admin page and go to Client Config > Users.
  2. In the Setup | Users Setup page, click Create New User.
  3. Add the information required for the following fields:



    First Name

    First name of the user.

    Last Name

    Last name of the user.


    The user's email address. The domain in this address must match exactly a customer domain as defined in the Customer Domains page. The domain is case sensitive.


    The level of permissions for the user.

    Time Zone ID

    The time zone of the user. Events will be reported with the time of this time zone.

  4. Click Update.
  5. Click Reset Password to send the user an email, which allows the user to set a password and log into the RealAccess platform.