Polycom RealConnect for Clariti for Teams Solution Overview

The purpose of this guide is to explain a number of deployment models, architectures, and limitations of the solution and assist administrators deploying Polycom products in a Microsoft Teams environment. The configuration in this guide is based on Polycom RealPresence Clariti Advanced configuration, and make sure that you have deployed the Polycom RealPresence Clariti Advanced solution before you start to configure of Microsoft Teams solution. For Polycom RealPresence Clariti Advanced configuration, refer to Polycom RealPresence Clariti Advanced Solution Guide.

Integrating Microsoft Teams with Polycom products, enables the following:

  • Support for bi-directional screen sharing (desktop and window) between Microsoft Teams and VTCs
  • Support for scheduling a meeting by the Microsoft Teams Outlook add-in
  • Easily join Microsoft Teams meetings from VTC endpoints using Click to Join functionality
  • High-quality video (1080p) between Microsoft Teams clients and VTC endpoints
  • Participation in Microsoft Teams-hosted multipoint conferences using VTC endpoints