Disable IVR in the Microsoft Teams Conference

Disable IVR services for the Microsoft Teams Conference.


  1. Connect to RealPresence Collaboration Server through RMX Web Client/RMX Manager application.
  2. Go to New IVR Services > New Conference IVR Service.
  3. Provide a name in Conference IVR Service Name

    Conference IVR Service Name
  4. Go to Welcome tab, and uncheck Enable Welcome Messages.

    uncheck Enable Welcome Messages
  5. Go to Conference Chairperson Messages tab, and uncheck Enable Chairperson Messages.

    uncheck Enable Chairperson Messages
  6. Go to Conference Password tab, and uncheck Enable Password Messages.

    uncheck Enable Password Messages
  7. Go to Roll Call/Notifications tab, and uncheck Enable Roll Call.

    uncheck Enable Roll Call
  8. Go to Operator Assistance tab, and uncheck Enable Operator Assistance.

    uncheck Enable Operator Assistance
  9. Go to the General tab, select the Empty for all the file action names in the Message File drop-down box.

    select empty for all file names