Main Features

The RMX 4000 offers the following features:

  • Linux® based

  • Chassis based on the ATCA standard

  • Support for standard network interfaces (IP, ISDN and LAN) and large number of ports

  • H.323, SIP, ISDN-video (H.320) and ISDN-Voice

  • New hardware technologies

  • High availability, redundancy, on-line upgrading and dynamic resource allocation

  • Easy integration of conference elements into external network management

  • Enhanced Continuous Presence (multi-image video)

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) module

  • Built-in redundancy, hot swappable parts

  • Physical separation between management and signaling networks, with high speed switching fabric on the media boards increasing system bandwidth

  • Resilient multi-point conferencing-Polycom Lost Packet Recovery (LPR)

Note: ISDN functionality dependent on optional ISDN card being fitted.