Preparing for System Installation

Complete the following tasks to ensure a smooth installation.

Assign IP Addresses

Allocate static IP addresses at the data center for different servers.

IP and Hostname for Each Component in DNS

The following is an example of the network plan for the RealPresence Clariti Solution:

Product FQDN Internal IP Address
RealPresence Resource Manager
RealPresence DMA
RealPresence Collaboration Server
RealPresence DMA Edge

External IP:

Public IP:

RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal
RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal
RealPresence Group Series
Gateway -
Hyper-V Host -
Mail server -
Active Directory
RealPresence Collaboration Server 1800 - (management) (signalling and media)

Split-horizon DNS

By using split-horizon DNS, you can resolve the same FQDN differently for clients inside and outside the organization.

Polycom recommends configuring the following FQDNs as split-horizon DNS records on internal and public DNS server.

FQDN Resolve From Internal Network Resolve From Public Network Description For internal and external endpoint provisioning For internal and external web client joining the conference For internal and external WebRTC client joining the conference