RealPresence Clariti License

When licensed as part of Polycom® RealPresence Clariti™, the RealPresence Collaboration Server version 8.8 and above will only work with the RealPresence DMA system version 10.0 and above, and it will block incoming and outgoing SIP and H.323 calls that are not routed through the RealPresence DMA system with the following exceptions:
  • Dial-in and Dial-out participant PSTN/ISDN calls
  • RealConnect calls
  • Cascading link calls
  • Calls involving MMCU (SoftBlade)
This means the following types of calls will fail in a RealPresence Clariti licensing environment:
  • Calls routed directly to RMX will be rejected with error code 6060
  • Inbound calls from alternate SIP registrar
  • Direct meeting room calls and entry queues (EQ)/meeting room (MR) calls
  • MCU prefix-based calls
  • RMX SIP Trunk call

This list identifies some examples only; it is not all inclusive.

Note that Virtual Entry Queues (VEQ) hosted on the RMX are allowed while in Clariti licensing mode.