Set up the Gatekeeper

For H.323, if a gatekeeper is configured on your network, you can register to the gatekeeper to simplify calling. A gatekeeper manages functions such as bandwidth control and admission control. A gatekeeper also handles address translation, which allows you to make calls using static aliases instead of IP addresses that may change each day.


  1. In the Web browser, enter the system's IP address in this format: http://<system IP address>/admin or http://<FQDN>/admin.
  2. Go to Configuration > Signaling Settings > H.323.
  3. Select Register To Gatekeeper.
  4. Configure the following settings.

    After you finish the configuration, click OK.

    Parameter Description

    Gatekeeper Type

    Choose between Polycom and Cisco VCS.

    Primary Gatekeeper

    Indicates if the system is registered to the primary gatekeeper.

    Gatekeeper Address

    The IP address for the gatekeeper.

    Note: Never enter the IP address of .

    Gatekeeper Port

    The port number for the gatekeeper; the default value is 1719.

    Register User Information for Gatekeeper

    Specifies whether to register the system to a Polycom Gatekeeper server for H.235.0 authentication.

    When H.235.0 authentication is enabled, the gatekeeper ensures that only trusted endpoints are allowed to access the gatekeeper.

    Gatekeeper User

    The user name for registration with the Polycom Gatekeeper server.

    Gatekeeper Password

    The password for registration with the Polycom Gatekeeper server.

    Alternate Gatekeeper

    Indicates if the system is registered to the alternate gatekeeper.

    Note: The alternate gatekeeper is used only when the primary gatekeeper is not available.

    System Prefix / E.164

    Specify the E.164 number for the system.

    System H.323 Alias

    Specify the H.323 alias for the system.

    Remote Display Name

    Specify the name to be displayed to the far end.

    Note: If you set the remote display name with double-bytes characters like Chinese, you will not see the characters on the far end endpoints in a H.323 call between endpoints and the system.
    Note: Find information on RealPresence DMA
    • If you need to configure both the H.323 Gatekeeper parameters and SIP parameters at the same time, click OK after you finish the configuration of both parameters.

    • If the is registered to RealPresence DMA as the SIP server, you can find information on the RealPresence DMA portal under Network > Endpoints.