Configure Conference Settings

Conference settings define the default conference properties for the RealPresence DMA system. You can update with your requirements or leave default settings.


  1. Go to Service Config > Conference Manager Settings > Conference Settings.

  2. Complete the fields described in the following table as needed.
    Field Description

    Dialing prefix

    Set to 25.

    Default conference template

    Select the template that is used most frequently for VMR.

    Default class of service Set to Bronze
    Default maximum bit rate (kbps) Set to UNLIMITED.
    Default minimum downspeed bit rate (kbps) Set to 384.

    Default MCU pool order

    Default MCU pool order used by the system.

    Default conference room territory

    Select the territory, which is used most frequently for VMR.

    Default conference duration Set to Unlimited.

  3. Click Update.