Define a New Site in the RealPresence Resource Manager

The RealPresence DMA Edge system can be configured using the RealPresence Resource Manager system’s provisioning service by extending the Site Topology to include the RealPresence DMA Edge system. In this section, you can create a new site and specify a network segment or subnet that is enabled for the RealPresence DMA Edge system.


  1. From the RealPresence Resource Manager user interface, go to Network Topology > Sites.
  2. Click Add .
  3. Complete the General Info and Subnet. Leave the default settings for H.323 Routing and SIP Routing.

    The IP address of Subnet must be the internal signaling address of RealPresence DMA Edge.

    Field Description
    General Info
    Site Name A meaningful name for the site, this name can be 64 characters (ASCII only) long.
    Description A brief description (ASCII only) of the site.
    Country Code The country code for the country in which the site is located.
    Area Code The city or area code for the site. Do not include a leading zero. For example, the city code for Paris is 01. Enter 1 in this field.
    Territory Choose the territory to which the site belongs.
    Location Click Specify Location and fill in the country and city and the RealPresence Resource Manager shows the location field.
    Total Bandwidth (Mbps)

    The total bandwidth of the pipe at the site.

    Call Max Bit Rate (Kbps) The maximum bandwidth that can be used for each intrasite call at the site. The default and maximum value is 2000000 (2 GB).
    Subnet IP Address/Mask

    Specifies the subnets within the site. For each subnet, include:

    • IP Address range
    • Mask Length
    • Total Bandwidth

    If this site is used for a site that includes a RealPresence DMA Edge system, be sure to include the subnet where the RealPresence DMA Edge system resides.

  4. Click OK.