Edit Personal VMR

You cannot delete the conference room, but can edit the enterprise conference room.


  1. Go to Integrations > Microsoft Active Directory for checking or updating the settings.

    The default value for Directory attribute is telephoneNumber, you can keep the value or update it if you have other attribute for your Active Directory users.

  2. Login RealPresence DMA using an enterprise user who has the Administrator role.
    After RealPresence DMA integrated with Active Directory server, the user used for the integration has administrator role.
  3. Go to User > Users.
  4. Click , and select one domain and click Search.

    If the enterprise user has Telephone Numbers configured on Active Directory server, an enterprise conference room number is listed in the Conference Rooms.

  5. Select the enterprise user and click Manage Conference Rooms.
  6. Select the enterprise room and click Edit.

    The indicates that it is an enterprise conference room.

  7. Update the conference room settings or keep the settings in default.