Assign a Static IP Address

The RealPresence DMA Edge system requires a static IP address for your system’s instance. If your VM environment is not using DHCP, you must assign a static IP with the console before continuing to configure your system. If your VM environment has a DHCP server, it will assign an IP address to the instance. You can then assign a static IP using the console or assign the static IP from the RealPresence DMA Edge system’s web interface during initial configuration.

Note: During installation and initial network configuration, you need to assign one static IP address to the management interface (eth0). After installation is complete, you can configure additional IP addresses for the other network interfaces from the RealPresence DMA Edge web user interface.


  1. Power on the newly-installed VM.
  2. Access the console.
  3. Click in the console window and press Enter if necessary to see the login prompt.

    A shell interface appears that enables you to configure the network.

  4. Log in with user ID polycom and password polycom.

  5. Choose option 3 and follow the prompts to configure the following initial network settings:
    • IP address
    • Subnet Mask
    • Default Gateway IP

    The system reboots.

  6. Press CTRL + ALT to release the cursor from the console, then close the console window.