Configure Soft MCU for WebRTC

The RealPresence Collaboration Server, Virtual Edition, supports configuring up to two IP Network services:

  • First mandatory IP Network service is used for either a generic or a Microsoft service.
  • Second optional IP Network service is used for the WebRTC service. The WebRTC service is configured through RealPresence Collaboration Server, Virtual Edition, but all WebRTC functions are processed on a modular MCU.


  1. In the RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX) web browser, in the RealPresence Collaboration Server Management pane, expand the Rarely Used list and click IP Network Services.
  2. In the IP Network Services pane, click New IP Service.
  3. Set the IP configuration for WebRTC in IP tab.

    Select SIP for WebRTC network service.

  4. Select the Ports tab to configure the port information.
  5. Select the SIP Servers tab.

    Configure the following parameters:

    • SIP Server: Specify
    • SIP Server Type: WebRTC

  6. Select the SIP Advanced tab.

    Configure the following STUN and TURN server settings:

    • The STUN and TURN IPs are RealPresence DMA Edge external address.
    • The TURN Server User Name and TURN Server Password must be the same as the configuration in RealPresence DMA Edge.