Integrate with the Microsoft Active Directory

You can enable integration with Active Directory.


  1. In Windows Server, add the service account (read-only user account) that the RealPresence DMA system will use to read the Active Directory. Configure this account as follows:
    • User can’t change password.
    • Password never expires.
    • User can only access services on the domain controllers and cannot log in anywhere.
  2. Log in to the RealPresence DMA system.
  3. Go to Integrations > Microsoft Active Directory.
  4. Check Integrate with Enterprise Directory Server.
  5. Complete the information in the General Integration Settings section.
    • For IP Address or FQDN, enter the IP or FQDN of domain controller.
    • For Domain\Enterprise directory user ID, enter the domain and user ID of the account you created in 1.
    • For Enterprise directory user password, enter the password of the account you created in 1.

  6. To generate conference room IDs for the enterprise users, complete the Enterprise Conference Room ID Generation section.
    1. For Directory attribute, the default value is telephoneNumber. You can keep the value or update it if you have other attribute for your Active Directory users.

      If the value is telephoneNumber, make sure the Telephone number field is populated in Active Directory for the user.

    2. If necessary, edit the contents of the Characters to remove field.
    3. Specify the number of characters to use. After the system strips out characters to remove, it removes characters in excess of this number from the beginning of the string.