Create Virtual Entry Queue

You can create a Virtual Entry Queue (VEQ) for RealPresence DMA.


  1. Defining a New Entry Queue on RealPresence Collaboration Server.
    1. In the RMX Management pane, in the Rarely Used menu, click Entry Queues.

    2. In the Entry Queues list pane, click .
    3. Define the parameters for new entry queue.
      Fields Description
      Display Name The Display Name is the conferencing entity name in native language character sets to be displayed in the Collaboration Server Web Client.
      Profile Select the Profile to be used by the Entry Queue.
      ID Enter a unique number identifying this conferencing entity for dial-in. Default string length is 4 digits.
      Entry Queue Mode Select IVR only Service Provider.

  2. Log in to the RealPresence DMA system.
  3. Go to Service Config > > Conference Manager Setting > Shared Number Dialing.
  4. Click + Add Virtual Entry Queue.
  5. Define the parameters for VEQ.
    Fields Description
    Virtual entry queue number Should be the same as Entry Queue ID that is configured by RealPresence Collaboration Server.
    Polycom MCU entry queue Select the Entry Queue that is just created by RealPresence Collaboration Server.