Add RealPresence DMA Edge to the RealPresence Resource Manager Network Device List

Since RealPresence Resource Manager identifies the endpoints coming through a RealPresence DMA Edge system by IP address, you must add the RealPresence DMA Edge system into RealPresence Resource Manager network device list with the internal signaling and access proxy IP address of RealPresence DMA Edge.


  1. From the RealPresence Resource Manager user interface, go to Network Device > Instances.
  2. Click to add a new RealPresence DMA Edge.
  3. Configure the values.
    Field Description
    Device Type RealPresence DMA
    Add By IP or FQDN Address
    Device Name A unique name for the DMA Edge system.
    Version The version of the DMA Edge system.
    Management Address
    Admin User and Admin Password Use a RealPresence DMA Edge user that is reserved only for integration with the RealPresence Resource Manager system. The user must have the Administrator role.

  4. Select the Service Integration tab, and enter RealPresence DMA Edge internal signaling and access proxy IP address in Provider-side Proxy IP Address.

    Depends on your RealPresence DMA Edge network settings, the RealPresence DMA Edge management address, and the internal signaling and access proxy address may be different.

  5. Click OK.