Configure the Access Proxy Port Range

You can configure the range of dynamic source ports for access proxy services. Access proxy dynamic ports are not related to the number of calls on a license and the full range of ports is available by default. You can specify both the first and last port numbers to limit the range for access proxy, however, changing the first port number in the range is not recommended.

Each dynamic mode client uses three ports (HTTPS provisioning, LDAP, and XMPP presence). Each RealPresence Web Suite client and Polycom ContentConnect client use one port.

Dynamic port ranges configured for the RealPresence DMA system must be configured correspondingly on your firewall.

CAUTION: The specific ports and port ranges you configure in the RealPresence DMA system must match the ports configured on your firewall. If you change any port settings within the system, you must also change them on your firewall.
The following table summarizes dynamic source port information for the access proxy feature.
Service First Port Last Port Interfaces
Access proxy dynamic source ports 10000 13000 The network interfaces with access proxy services assigned.

If you change the port range settings, the RealPresence DMA system validates the new settings to ensure that no overlap occurs among any of the port range settings for the various RealPresence DMA system services. Additionally, the system checks the port ranges to confirm the following:

  • No first port number is less than 1024.
  • No last port number is greater than 65535.


  1. Go to Service Config > Access Proxy Settings.
  2. Do one of the following:
    access proxy port range
    • Click Port Range Settings.
    • Click Show More, then click Port Range Settings.
  3. For Access proxy dynamic ports, enter the First Port and Last Port numbers of the port range.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the settings.