Add a TURN User

You need to configure one TURN user to enable WebRTC clients to request TURN services for RealPresence Web Suite mesh or bridge conferences. Once you configure the TURN user, you must share the credentials with the system administrator for the RealPresence Web Suite system, who will complete further configurations for that product.


  1. Go to Service Config > TURN Settings.
  2. Under TURN Users, click the Add button.
  3. Complete the following required fields:
    add a TURN user
    Field Description

    The username that a WebRTC client uses to authenticate requests to the TURN server.

    Maximum of 20 characters.

    Realm The domain name of the RealPresence DMA TURN server. When you configure one user for the RealPresence Web Suite WebRTC clients and MCUs, the Realm should be the same as the Default Authentication Realm you configured in TURN Settings. Maximum of 20 characters.
    Password The password that a WebRTC client uses in combination with the username to authenticate its TURN requests. Maximum of 20 characters.
    Confirm Password Re-enter the password to confirm.
  4. Click OK to add the TURN user.
  5. Click Update to save the TURN Users settings.