Known Issues

The following table lists known issues in all releases of the RealPresence Clariti solution.
Table 1. Known Issues
Category Issue ID Description Workaround
RealPresence Collaboration Server EN-69410 Sometimes, after the RealPresence Desktop software makes an H.323 512 kbps call in the RealPresence DMA VMR that is configured with 2048 kbps line rate, the RealPresence Desktop software fails to share content and receives legacy content. No workaround for this issue.
RealPresence Collaboration Server EN-69743 Sometimes, video cells and site names in participant layout are missing during a RealPresence DMA VMR conference. Sometimes participant layout may recover on changing active speakers.
RealPresence Collaboration Server EN-69805 Live record stream does not stop when we pause recording in a DMA VMR call. No workaround for this issue.
HARMAN Media Suite EN-73509 Sometimes, participant names do not appear in Roster list for some of the participants when HARMAN Media Suite soft client joins a DMA VMR call.

Disconnect the participant and join it again.

HARMAN Media Suite EN-73510 Sometimes, external Web Polycom RealPresence Desktop client's Roster and Content buttons are inactive (gray) when joining RealPresence DMA VMR via VEQ. Disconnect HARMAN Media Suite soft client and join it again.
RealPresence Desktop EN-42819 After joining a VMR conference, RealPresence Desktop as the RealPresence Web Suite soft client on the Microsoft Surface Book may display Unmute icon while Mute on Entry enabled is selected on the RealPresence Web Suite Experienced Portal administration interface. Manually mute the RealPresence Desktop.