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View TURN Allocations

The TURN Allocations page lists details about each active TURN allocation.

To view the active TURN allocations:

1Go to Diagnostics > TURN Allocations.

2The following information displays for each allocation:



TURN Status
The status of the TURN server (Running or Stopped)
Automatically generated ID for each TURN allocation
The username of the WebRTC client that requested the allocation
The realm used to authenticate the allocation
Client Address
The WebRTC client’s public IP address
Relay Address
The public IP address for TURN media relay, mapped on the firewall (the External IP Address of NAT)
Server Address
The public IP address of either the client that requested the allocation or the peer, depending on the direction of media relay.
Age (seconds)
The number of seconds that the allocation has been active
Expires (seconds)
The number of seconds remaining until the allocation expires if it is not renewed by the client

3Click the down arrow next to the Refresh button and select a refresh interval.

The allocation details refresh based on the interval you select.

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