Cascading Conferences

Conferences are cascaded when a link is created between two conferences or several conferences (depending on the topology), creating one large conference. The conferences can run on the same MCU or different MCUs.

You can enable cascading only for AVC-based conferences (CP, VSW, or mixed CP/SVC). Cascading conferences don’t support the gathering phase.
Note: RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX) 1800 with no DSP cards and RealPresence Collaboration Server 1800, Entry Level don’t support cascading conferences.
There are many reasons for cascading conferences. The most common reasons include:
  • Connecting two conferences on different MCUs at different sites.
  • Using the connection abilities of different MCUs as different communication protocols, such as serial connections or ISDN-video.
Note the following when configuring cascading conferences:
  • To properly share content in cascaded conferences, you must predefine dial-in and dial-out link participants with master/subordinate settings in the conferences. (AVC dial-outs only.)
  • When cascading between RealPresence Collaboration Server and third-party MCUs, you must define the RealPresence Collaboration Server participant as master.
  • For the best results, use the same software version and license on all MCUs participating the cascading topology.
  • Configure the following conference parameters using the same settings on all MCUs participating the cascading topology:
    • Conference line rates
    • Content rate
    • Encryption settings