Operator Conferences and Assistance

An Operator conference is a special conference that enables the RealPresence Collaboration Server user acting as an operator to assist participants without disturbing the ongoing conferences and without being heard by other conference participants.

The operator can move a participant from the Entry Queue or ongoing conference to a private, one-on-one conversation in the Operator conference.

Note: Operator conferences and moving participants are supported in AVC CP Conferencing Mode only.

In attended mode, the RealPresence Collaboration Server user (operator) can perform one of the following actions:

  • Participants connected to the Entry Queue who fail to enter the correct destination ID or conference password can be moved by the user to the Operator conference for assistance.
  • After a short conversation, the operator can move the participant from the Operator conference to the appropriate destination conference (Home conference).
  • The operator can connect participants belonging to the same destination conference to their conference simultaneously by selecting the appropriate participants and moving them to the Home conference (interactively or using the right-click menu).
  • The operator can move one or several participants from an ongoing conference to the Operator conference for a private conversation.
  • The operator can move participants between ongoing Continuous Presence conferences.

Operator assistance to participants is available when:

  • Participants have requested individual help (using *0 DTMF code) during the conference.
  • Participants have requested help for the conference (using 00 DTMF code) during the conference.
  • Participants have problems connecting to conferences, for example, when they enter the wrong conference ID or password.

In addition, the user (operator) can join the ongoing conference and assist all conference participants.

Operator assistance is available only when an Operator conference is running on the MCU.

The Operator conference offers additional conference management capabilities to the RealPresence Collaboration Server users, enabling them to attend to participants with special requirements and acquire participant details for billing and statistics. This service is designed usually for large conferences that require the personal touch.