Gateway Calls

The RealPresence Collaboration Server can be used as a gateway that provides connectivity across different physical networks and translates multiple protocols for point-to-point rich media communications.

The RealPresence Collaboration Server supports a range of video and audio algorithms. It allows sites with different frame rates, connection speeds, audio algorithms, video resolutions, and network protocols to transparently connect with one another. It also enables multi-point conference creation from an endpoint.

A special conference acting as a Gateway Session is created on the RealPresence Collaboration Server. It includes one dial-in connection of the endpoint initiating the Gateway Session and one or several dial-out connections to endpoints. It provides connectivity between the various protocols: H.323, SIP, ISDN-video, and ISDN-voice.

  • Gateways are not supported by Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Servers Virtual Edition or 1800 with no DSP cards.
  • Gateway calls are supported with AVC conferencing only.