Integrate with the RealPresence DMA System

If your organization has the Polycom RealPresence Clariti solution, integrate your RealPresence Collaboration Server with the Polycom RealPresence DMA system and set it up as the call control for the conferencing network.

Note: A Polycom RealPresence Clariti solution includes a RealPresence Resource Manager system and a RealPresence DMA system along with one or more RealPresence Collaboration Servers.

Configure the RealPresence DMA system as the H.323 gatekeeper and/or SIP server, endpoint registrar, and virtual meeting room manager.


  1. If not already done, add the RealPresence Collaboration Servers and the RealPresence DMA system as device instances to the RealPresence Resource Manager system.
  2. In RMX Manager, go to RMX Management > Rarely Used > IP Network Services.
  3. From IP Network Services, double-click Default IP Service and select the required IP Network Type: H.323 or H.323 & SIP.
  4. Go to Gatekeeper tab and from the Gatekeeper drop-down list, select Specify.
  5. Enter either the RealPresence DMA system's IP Address or Name (as registered in the DNS).
  6. As required, enter the IP Address or Name for an alternate backup gatekeeper.
  7. Enter the MCU Prefix in Gatekeeper number, which is the number this network service uses to register with the RealPresence DMA system gatekeeper. This number is used by H.323 endpoints as the first part of their dial-in string when dialing the MCU.
  8. Complete the other fields as required and then click OK.