Integrate with the RealPresence Resource Manager System

If your organization has the Polycom RealPresence Clariti solution, integrate your RealPresence Collaboration Server with the RealPresence Resource Manager system and set it to use as the device (endpoint and server) application manager.

Note: A Polycom RealPresence Clariti solution includes a RealPresence Resource Manager system and a RealPresence DMA system along with one or more RealPresence Collaboration Servers.

The RealPresence Resource Manager system can also manage users and conference participants.

For more information, see the Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager Operations Guide.

Before you integrate, add the MCUs to the RealPresence Resource Manager system.

If your organization uses the RealPresence Resource Manager system Global Address Book for conference and endpoint management, add a user account on the RealPresence Resource Manager that the RealPresence Collaboration Server can use as its machine integration account. Write down the user name and password for the machine integration account. You need this information for configuring the required system flags.


  1. In RMX Manager, go to Setup > System Configuration > System Configuration.
  2. In the MCMS_PARAMETERS_USER tab, click New Flag.
  3. To enable machine integration with the RealPresence Resource Manager system, add and configure the EXTERNAL_CONTENT_DIRECTORY, EXTERNAL_CONTENT_IP, EXTERNAL_CONTENT_PASSWORD, and EXTERNAL_CONTENT_USER system flags.
  4. To allow endpoints included in a cascaded conference to display content (sometimes called content snatching), add the ENABLE_CONTENT_SNATCH_OVER_CASCADE system flag and set its value to YES.
  5. For environments that include NAT Firewall deployments, add the NUM_OF_INITIATE_HELLO_MESSAGE_IN_CALL_ESTABLISHMENT system flag and set its value to 3.
  6. Click OK and when prompted, click Yes.

    After the RealPresence Collaboration Server resets, RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX) users can access this GAB to add participants to conferences. However, the RealPresence Collaboration Server uses the Global Address Book in read-only mode, which means you must add or modify Address Book entries on the RealPresence Resource Manager.