Default System Flags

By default, the following system flags are used to define the system behavior when defining and running conferences:

Table 1. Default System Flag Settings
FieldDescription / Default

Conference ID Length (MCU)

The number of digits of the Conference ID to be assigned by the MCU.

Range: 2-16 (Default: 5)

Note: Selecting 2 digits limits the number of simultaneous ongoing conferences to 99.

Minimum Conference ID Length (User)

The minimum number of digits that the user must enter when manually assigning a numeric ID to a conference.

Range: 2-16 (Default: 4)

Maximum Conference ID Length (User)

The maximum number of digits that the user can enter when manually assigning a Numeric ID to a conference.

Range: 2-16 (Default: 8)

MCU Display Name

The MCU name is displayed on the endpoint's screen.

Default name: (Blank)

Terminate Conference when Chairperson Exits

When Yes is selected (default), the conference ends when the chairperson exits even if there are other participants connected.

When No is selected, the conference automatically ends at the predefined end time, or when all the participants have disconnected from the conference.

Auto Extend Conferences

When Yes is selected (default), allows conferences running on the Collaboration Server to be automatically extended as long as there are participants connected and there are available resources.

The maximum extension time allowed by the MCU is 30 minutes.