Login to RealPresence Collaboration Server

If Windows 7™ is installed on the workstation, Protected Mode must be disabled before connecting to the MCU running Version 7.0 software. For more information, see Windows 7™ Security Settings.


  1. Start the Web Client application on the workstation.
    1. In the Web browser's address line, enter the IP address of the MCU as assigned to it by the DHCP or as you assigned to it (if a DHCP is not configured in your environment) in the format: http://<MCU IP Address>.

      For RealPresence Collaboration Server Virtual Edition, you must enter https://<Control Unit IP Address>.

    2. Click Enter.

      The RealPresence Collaboration Server Web Client Login screen is displayed.

      Note: Solve the browser environment error

      If the error “Browser environment error. Please close all the browser sessions” appears, close all the browser sessions, and reconnect to the MCU. If the error message appears again, either run the automatic troubleshooter utility or manually preform the suggested troubleshooting procedures.

  2. In the RealPresence Collaboration Server Web Client Login screen, enter the default Username (POLYCOM) and Password (POLYCOM) and click Login.