Modify Network Settings in USB Key

The USB Key contains a text file, lan.cfg, which holds the factory default IP address parameters. These parameters must be modified to your local network settings using the LAN Configuration Utility in the USB Key.

Note: LAN configuration utility

The RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX) 1800 must use the LAN configuration utility in a USB Key to change the IP address.


To modify the USB Key settings:

  1. Take the USB Key from the Installation Accessories kit and insert it into the PC workstation.

    In Windows XP:

    • The Polycom Documentation option is automatically selected. Click OK.

      In Windows 7:

    • Select Open Folder to view files using Windows Explorer.

  2. Double-click the index.hta file.
  3. In the Language Menu window, click the documentation language hyperlink, for example English.
  4. In the Polycom End User Licenses Agreement window, read the agreement and click the Accept Agreement button.
  5. In the Product Type Selection window, click the RealPresence Collaboration Server type hyperlink, for example RMX 2000.
  6. Under the Initial Setup Utility, click the LAN Configuration Utility hyperlink.
  7. In the LAN Configuration Utility window, modify default IP addresses to IP addresses in your local network provided by your network administrator.
    • Control Unit IP Address (the Management IP address for the MCU)

    • Shelf Management IP Address (only for RMX 2000/4000)

    • Subnet Mask

    • Default Router IP Address

  8. Click OK.