Start a New Conference Using a Default Profile

Your RealPresence Collaboration Server comes with default conference profiles, allowing you to immediately start conferences.

Predefined conference profiles are:

  • Factory_Video_Profile: Immediately start standard ongoing AVC CP only conferences.
  • Factory_SVC_Video_Profile: Immediately start standard ongoing SVC Only conferences
  • Factory_Mix_Video_Profile: Immediately start a standard ongoing mixed AVC CP and SVC conference.
Note: More options available to set up and dial in to a conference

You can set up a conference in many ways, such as using your own profiles, meeting rooms, entry queues, and reservations. The dialing strings vary per the conferencing methods, conferencing network, and participant end point types.

For more information, refer to your system's Administrator Guide.


To start a New Conference using a default profile:

  1. In the Conferences pane, click New Conference ().

    The New Conference-General dialog box opens.

  2. Select a conference profile from the Profile drop-down list.
  3. If you know the IP address of your participants, you can add them to your conference: click the Participants tab > New.

    Enter a name and the IP address for the participant and click OK.

    By default, the RealPresence Collaboration Server dials out to these specified participants when the conference starts.

    You can also send the meeting dialing string to your participants so they can dial in to the conference themselves.

  4. Click OK to accept default settings.
  5. The conference starts immediately and appears in the Conferences list.

    Your meeting participants appear in the Participants pane.

    Note: Starting from version 8.1
    • A license is required for SVC conferencing.

    • In mixed AVC/SVC conferences, participants with SVC-enabled endpoints and AVC endpoints can participate in the same conference.