Polycom Acoustic Fence

Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ technology uses standard Polycom microphone arrays to build a virtual fence around a user or multiple users. The audio is automatically muted when sounds originate outside a boundary. If a speaker is inside the fence, sounds outside the fence are lowered by 12 dB. A speaker can’t be heard after leaving the fenced area.

In addition to the primary Polycom microphone array, one or more fence microphone arrays are required. You can use up to four microphones with RealPresence Group 500 and 700 systems. Polycom Acoustic Fence technology is not supported on RealPresence Group 300 and 310 systems.

The boundary radius can be two-to-several feet around the following Polycom peripherals:
  • Polycom microphone array
  • Desktop microphones
  • Ceiling microphones
  • EagleEye View camera
  • Polycom® EagleEye Acoustic camera

This feature works in mono mode only. If Polycom StereoSurround is on when you enable the Acoustic Fence notification, the following notification displays: “Enabling Acoustic Fence will disable Polycom StereoSurround.

For more details on Acoustic Fence setup, search the Polycom Knowledgebase for "acoustic fence" to find a white paper on the subject.