CEC Monitor Controls

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) monitor controls allow administrators to wake up monitors and place the system on standby for power saving. You can enable CEC on external monitors connected via HDMI, if they support the CEC protocol.

The following CEC features are available:
  • One Touch Play-Use the system remote to wake up the monitors. All connected CEC-capable monitors are powered on, and their displays are switched to room system input.
  • System Standby-When the room system enters sleep mode, all connected CEC-capable monitors are switched to standby mode for power saving. When waking up, the monitors are powered up before they display system video.
Note the following points about using CEC controls with Polycom systems:
  • If you connect to the monitor with an HDMI splitter, ensure the HDMI splitter is CEC-capable. Due to HDMI splitter limitations, monitors behind a 1xM (one-input multiple-output) HDMI splitter powers on, but might not switch to the correct input when it wakes up.
  • The system does not respond to CEC commands issued by a television remote control.
  • If a CEC-capable monitor is connected to a room system and another endpoint, the monitor displays the active endpoint when the system is in standby mode.

CEC functionality is enabled by default on RealPresence Group Series systems. All connected monitors must support CEC. Not all HDMI monitors support CEC commands. Refer to the following list of CEC-enabled monitors.

To verify that CEC is enabled, navigate to your monitor CEC settings. Many monitors also have sub-feature settings under the main CEC setting that control whether or not the monitor responds to CEC commands. For example, CEC Auto Power Off controls whether or not the monitor powers off when receiving a CEC standby command. Make sure to enable all CEC sub-features. Monitor manufacturers may call CEC differently. Refer to the monitor manual for the appropriate setting name.

Each monitor brand might have different CEC feature and sub-feature settings. Ensure that all monitors connected to the system are all enabled for CEC.

Note that on the HDMI channel, the system is identified as Polycom.