Managing the Polycom Touch Control Remotely

You can remotely manage certain features of your Polycom Touch Control from within your enterprise environment.

This list describes the features you can manage remotely:
  • Download Logs: Downloads the Polycom Touch Control logs to the location specified in the device.

  • Network Settings: Specifies whether the system acquires an IP address automatically or manually. With the manual method, the other settings that are available from the Polycom Touch Control become available on the web.

  • Pair: Pairs and unpairs from RealPresence Group Series systems. Before you can connect to or pair with a device, you must know the device's IP Address and the User Name and Password used to connect.

  • Security: Changes the admin ID and password of the Polycom Touch Control.

  • Software Updates: Updates the Polycom Touch Control software. You can update from the default Polycom server or your own server by entering the appropriate IP address. You can configure the updates to occur automatically or manually.

  • View Polycom Touch Control Screens: Shows the screen currently being displayed on the Polycom Touch Control. You can click Refresh at any time to see if the screen has changed.