Setting Up a Directory

You can manage and configure directory settings in the RealPresence Group Series system web interface.

Systems support up to 2,000 contacts that users create within Favorites. The following are also supported:

  • Up to 200 additional contacts with presence, which appear in Favorites, when registered with Skype for Business
  • Up to 4,000 contacts from a Polycom GDS server
  • Unlimited number of contacts when the system is registered with Skype for Business

Global and Favorites groups are supported. Users can create up to 200 Favorites groups. If the system is connected to a global directory server, it can also support up to 64 additional groups from the Skype for Business server that display in the Favorites group.

Note: Assistance from Polycom is mandatory for Skype for Business integrations. For details, please refer to Polycom Collaboration Solutions or contact your local Polycom representative.