Using a Provisioning Service

If your organization uses a RealPresence Resource Manager system or a BroadSoft BroadWorks® Device Management System (DMS) system, you can manage systems in dynamic management mode. In dynamic management mode, the following might be true:
  • Polycom systems are registered to a standards-based presence service, so presence states are shared with Contacts.
  • Polycom systems have access to a corporate directory that supports LDAP access.
  • The Domain, User Name, Password, and Server Address fields are populated on the Provisioning Service screen.
  • Settings that are provisioned or dependent on provisioned values are read-only on the system.
  • The system automatically checks for and runs software updates every time it restarts and at an interval set by the service.
  • You can upload a provisioned bundle from an already configured system. When systems request provisioning, the bundle and automatic settings are downloaded.
  • With administrative permissions, you can change a system's settings after a bundle is applied (a new bundle also overwrites manual settings).
  • If a registered system fails to detect the service when it restarts or checks for updates, an alert displays on the System Status screen.
  • If the system loses registration with the service, it continues to use the most recent configuration it received.
  • If a Polycom Touch Control is connected to a provisioned RealPresence Group Series system, a RealPresence Resource Manager system can receive status updates from the Polycom Touch Control and can provide software updates to the Polycom Touch Control. For supported RealPresence Resource Manager versions, go to and click the Current Interoperability Matrix link.
If you use BroadSoft DMS provisioning, note the following points:
  • Bundled provisioning is not supported.
  • Provisioning uses the same XML-based profile used for dynamic provisioning.
  • Provisioned fields are read only.