ZTP Web Service Solution

The ZTP solution is a cloud-based web service designed to simplify the deployment of Polycom devices. The Polycom ZTP console is a web interface that you can use to create and manage profiles and device associations. The ZTP solution is intended as a one-time step at initial deployment. Usually, end customers require a supplier or skilled installer to deploy devices out-of-the-box. The ZTP web console enables you to create provisioning profiles so that you can associate with one or more devices. These profiles enable end customers to install the devices themselves. The profiles also provide a central provisioning server address that automatically redirects multiple customer devices to your provisioning server. In addition to setting the provisioning server address, you can use the solution to provision RealPresence Group systems that are running version 5.0 software or later.

For information about deploying the solution, refer to the Polycom Zero Touch Provisioning Administration Guide at Polycom Support.