Stereo Settings

To send or receive stereo audio, make sure your RealPresence Group Series system equipment is set up correctly. Then configure the system to use Polycom StereoSurround, test the system configuration, and place a test call.

If you are in a call with a far site that is sending audio in stereo mode, you can receive in stereo. In multipoint calls where some sites can send and receive stereo and some sites cannot, any site that is set up to send or receive stereo can do so. The following stereo settings are available.

Setting Description
Polycom Microphone Type Displays the type of Polycom microphone being used.
Stereo Positions the audio input within the left and right channels. Left sends all of the audio to the left channel. Right sends all of the audio to the right channel. For Polycom digital microphone and ceiling microphone arrays, Left+Right sends audio from one microphone element to the left channel and audio from a second element to the right channel.
Autorotation Specifies whether autorotation is used for Polycom microphones. If this feature is enabled, the system automatically assigns left and right channels for the microphone based on sound it senses from the left and right speakers.
Note: This feature does not work when headphones are used.
Audio Meter (dB meter) Lets you see the peak input signal level for Polycom microphones.