Configure a Provisioning Service

After you enable the provisioning service, the RealPresence Group Series system should complete the following fields automatically. If the system does not complete the fields automatically, get the information from your network administrator. Multiple Polycom systems can be registered to a single user.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Admin Settings > Servers > Provisioning Service.
  2. At Enable Provisioning, select the checkbox.
  3. Configure these settings for automatic provisioning.


    Server Type Specifies the type of provisioning server. Select RPRM, DMS, or CLOUD.
    • RPRM is the RealPresence Resource Manager.
    • DMS is the Broadsoft BroadWorks Device Management System.
    • CLOUD is the RP Cloud server.
    Domain Name Domain for registering with the provisioning service.
    User Name System user name for registering to the provisioning service.
    Password Password for registering with the provisioning service.
    Server Address Address of the system running the provisioning service.
  4. Select Save or Update.

    The system tries to register with the RealPresence Resource Manager or with a DMS system using NTLM authentication.

  5. Verify that Registration Status changes from Pending to Registered.
    It might take a minute or two for the status to change.