Configure General Audio Settings

You can configure audio settings in the RealPresence Group Series system web interface.

Some audio settings are unavailable when a SoundStructure digital mixer is connected to a Polycom video conferencing system.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Admin Settings > Audio/Video/Content > Audio.
  2. At General Audio Settings, configure the Audio settings described in the following table.



    Polycom StereoSurround

    Enables Polycom® StereoSurround™ software for all calls. When selected, the Stereo Settings are available.

    To use StereoSurround, make sure you’ve correctly configured your system’s stereo settings.

    Sound Effects Volume

    Sets the volume level of the ringtone and user alert tones.


    Specifies the ringtone for incoming calls.

    User Alert Tones

    Specifies the audible tone for user alerts.

    Audio Mute Auto-Answered Calls

    Specifies whether to mute incoming calls.

    Note: You must first enable Auto Answer Point-to-Point Video or Auto Answer Multipoint Video in Call Settings.

    Enable M-Mode

    This was previously known as Music Mode. Specifies whether the system transmits audio using a configuration that best reproduces interactive and live performance music picked up by microphones. This mode provides the highest possible bandwidth for audio.

    When M-Mode is enabled, even the faintest musical notes come through clearly.

    Note: Automatic noise suppression and automatic gain control are disabled when M-Mode is enabled.

    Enable Keyboard Noise Reduction and Polycom NoiseBlock

    Specifies whether the system mutes audio from the connected microphones when keyboard tapping sounds or other extraneous noises are detected, but no one is talking. NoiseBlock unmutes the system when speech is detected, regardless of the existence of background noise.

    Note: The M-Mode audio setting is disabled when this setting is enabled. If an external echo canceller is used, keyboard noise reduction is not available.

    Transmission Audio Gain (dB)

    Specifies the audio level, in decibels, at which to transmit sound. Unless otherwise advised, Polycom suggests setting this value to 0 dB.

    Enable Audio Mute Reminder

    Specifies whether to display a notification as a reminder to unmute the connected microphone when speaking is detected.

    Enable Join and Leave Tones

    Plays an audible tone when someone joins or leaves a conference call.

    Note: This setting is available only when the multipoint option key is installed.

    Enable Acoustic Fence

    Specifies whether Acoustic Fence can be used or not.

    Acoustic Fence Sensitivity

    Specifies the microphone sensitivity for Acoustic Fence Technology. You can set a value between 0 and 10, where 0 is the minimum sensitivity and 10 is the maximum sensitivity. Higher settings increase the radius of the fence area around the primary microphone.