Configure RS-232 Serial Port Settings

You can configure RS-232 serial port settings in the system web interface.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Admin Settings > General Settings > Serial Ports.
  2. Configure the following settings in the sections on the Serial Ports screen.



    RS-232 Mode

    Specifies the mode used for the RS-232 serial port. Available settings depend on the system model.

    • Off—Disables the serial port.
    • Pass Thru—Passes data to an RS-232 device, such as a serial printer or certain types of medical devices, connected to the serial port of the far-site system. Only available in point-to-point calls.
    • Closed Caption—Receives closed captions from a dial-up modem or a stenographer machine through the RS-232 port.
    • Camera Control—Passes data to and from a third-party camera.
    • Control—Receives control signals from a touch-panel control. Allows any device connected to the RS-232 port to control the system using API commands.
    Note: If you have a RealPresence Group 300, 310, or 500 system, use only the Polycom serial cable with part number 2457-63542-001 to connect devices to the RS-232 serial port.

    Baud Rate


    Data Bits

    Stop Bits

    Set these to the same values configured on the serial device.

    RS-232 Flow Control This setting works with RS-232 modes that are not currently available. The setting is not currently configurable.
    Login Mode

    Specifies the credentials necessary for a control system to connect to the RS-232 port.

    • Admin password only—Requires the admin password, if one has been set, when the control system connects. (default)
    • Username/Password—Requires the user name and the admin password, if one has been set, when the control system connects.
    • None—No user name or password is required when the control system connects.
    Note: This setting only displays when RS-232 Mode is set to Control.