Configure Security Profiles

System security profiles provide varying levels of secure access to your RealPresence Group Series system.

The security profile your system uses provides the basis for secure access within the system and determines how users can operate the system.

The security profile is selected during system setup with the setup wizard, but this setting is configurable through Admin Settings in the system web interface. The default values and ability to change some settings are affected by which security profile your system uses.

Consider each security profile as a set of default values for all configuration settings that affect product security and that achieves some level of base product security. You can choose from four profiles—Maximum, High, Medium and Low. Each profile provides a basic security posture, ranging from the most secure to the least secure, which allows you to select a level of security that is appropriate for the deployment of the system in your environment.

Because you can change most of the individual configuration settings regardless of the security profile you chose, Polycom recommends that you select the profile that is closest to the level of security you want in your environment and then customize the settings from there, as needed. In the higher profiles, however, some settings are either not changeable at all or have restricted ranges of values.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Admin Settings > Security > Global Security.
  2. Determine which of the following Security Profile settings your system uses.
    Setting Description
    Maximum Configures the system to be compliant with U.S. DoD security requirements. Some configuration settings are made read-only in this profile; other settings have restricted ranges of values. This profile represents the highest level of security.
    High Configures the system with most security controls enabled, but does not mandate the use of some controls that are mandated in Maximum profile. Some configuration settings are not changeable in this profile; other settings have restricted ranges of values. This profile is most appropriate for enterprise deployments that demand high security.
    Medium Configures the system with some of the basic security controls enabled, but not all. Most settings are changeable in this profile.
    Low Configures the system with no mandated security controls, although all controls can be enabled as needed. This is the default profile.
  3. To change the profile setting, select the Security Profile you want to use.
    You can increase or decrease the level of security.
  4. Follow the prompts in the Security Profile Change wizard.