Configure System Log Management

When the RealPresence Group Series system log fills up past the threshold, the following actions are triggered:
  • Transfers the log to the USB storage device if Transfer Frequency is set to “Auto at Threshold”
  • Creates a log entry indicating that the threshold has been reached
  • Displays an alert on the home screen
  • Displays an indicator on the System Status screen
    Note: When the Log Threshold system status indicator is red, automatic log transfers cannot be completed and data might be lost. You must manually transfer the logs to a USB storage device.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Admin Settings > Security > Log Management.
  2. Configure the following settings and select Save.
    Setting Description
    Current Percent Filled Displays how full the log file is (as a percentage of the total size).
    Percent Filled Threshold Reaching the configured threshold triggers a notification, creates a log entry, and transfers the log if Transfer Frequency is set to Auto at Threshold. Off disables logging threshold notifications.
    Folder Name Specifies the folder name for log transfers. Select one of the following:
    • System Name and Timestamp—Folder name is the system name and the timestamp of the log transfer. For example, if the system name is Marketing, the folder name might be marketing_<date_and_time>.
    • Timestamp—Folder name is the timestamp of the log transfer (e.g., <yyyyMMddhhmmssSSS>).
    • Custom—Lets you specify a folder name for manual log transfers.
    Storage Type Specifies the type of storage device used for log file transfers.
    Transfer Frequency Specifies when logs are transferred:
    • Manual—The transfer starts when you select the Start Log Transfer button, which is visible only on the local interface. If the log fills before being transferred, new events overwrite the oldest events.
    • Auto at Threshold—The transfer starts automatically when the Percent Filled Threshold is reached.