Configure the Directory Services Contact List

You can configure display options for your Microsoft contacts in your RealPresence Group Series system contact list. If you don't complete the Directory Services configuration, the Skype for Business Directory search, personal favorites, and contacts list do not display in the Contacts menu.


  1. Open a browser window and in the Address field enter the system IP address or host name.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Servers > Directory Servers.
  3. In the Skype for Business Server section of the Directory Servers page, configure these settings:
  • Server Type Specifies whether the SIP Registrar Server is a Skype for Business Server. Enabling this setting activates integration features such as the Microsoft global directory and Skype for Business contact sharing with presence.

  • Registration Status Upon successful authentication this field displays as Registered, as shown in the next figure.

  • Domain Name Specifies the Windows Domain to use for Directory lookup, for example, windowsdomain.local.

RealPresence Group Series systems support the User Principal Name format <windowsdomain.local> as well as the legacy Microsoft NETBIOS domain format.