Configure Your Web Server as the Update Site for the Polycom Touch Control

You can post software to your web server and then configure the Polycom Touch Control to receive updates.


  1. Make sure that your server enables clients to download files with the following extensions or with no extension:
    • .tar.gz
    • .txt
    • .sig
    • .plcm
  2. Define a URL on your server that the Polycom Touch Control can use for software updates, and create a corresponding root directory to it.
  3. Go to, and navigate to the page for the RealPresence Group Series system that you use with the Polycom Touch Control.
  4. Save and extract the Polycom Touch Control Panel software package (.zip file) and the Polycom Touch Control Operating System software package (.zip file) from the Polycom website to the root directory of the web server.
  5. Open a command line interface and enter the command appropriate for your operating system to generate an info.txt file that lists the folders with updates:
    • Unix or Linux: <rootdir>/dists/venus/
    • Windows: <rootdir>\dists\venus\