Install Certificates

After you have downloaded a CSR and it has been signed by a CA, the resulting certificate is ready to install on the RealPresence Group Series system. The following section outlines how to do this, and the procedure is the same to install the client certificate, server certificate, and any required CA-type certificates.


  1. To open the certificate section, at Installed Certificates, click View and Add.
  2. Next to Add Certificate, click Browse to search for and select a certificate.

    You might be installing a client or server certificate that has been signed by a CA after having been previously generated as a CSR, or installing a CA certificate needed by the system to validate a certificate it receives from another system.

  3. Click Open.

    The system checks the certificate data and adds it to the list. If you don't see the certificate in the list, the system was unable to recognize the certificate. This process is sometimes referred to as installing a certificate.

    You can select a certificate in the list to view its contents. You can also remove a certificate from the list by clicking Remove.

  4. If needed, click Close to close the certificate section of the screen.
  5. Click Save.

    When you add a CA certificate to the system, the certificate becomes trusted for the purpose of validating peer certificates.

    Note: If you do not add the server certificate for the system before using the system web interface, you might receive error messages from your browser stating that the security certificate for the web site “Polycom” cannot be verified. Most browsers allow the user to proceed after this warning is displayed. See the Help section of your browser for instructions on how to do this.