Perform a Factory Restore to Install a Specific Software Version

If you start a factory restore while a USB storage device is connected, the RealPresence Group Series system restores from the USB storage device instead of the system's factory partition.

For about the first five minutes of the factory restore process, the system is erasing data on the SD card and extracting data from the USB storage device. This process runs from a special memory partition and graphics are not available, so your monitor will be blank.

If you prefer, you can have the system prepare the SD card by rewriting the data with zeroes and reformatting the card, thereby eliminating any traces of old data. Be aware that this step adds about 20 minutes to the beginning of the factory restore process, when all you will see is a blank screen. You will notice, however, that the LED indicator shows a fast blink of blue and amber lights during this process. The lights blink normally during the rest of the restore process.


  1. Copy the build package (.tar file) and the sw_keys.txt file to the root directory of a USB storage device.
  2. (Optional) Create a text file named zeroize.txt on the root directory of the USB storage device, then edit the file by entering the word TRUE in all capital letters.

    If the zeroize.txt file contains the word FALSE, or if the file is not in the root directory of the USB storage device, the system uses the standard method of erasing data from the SD card.

  3. Power off the system by pressing the power button on your system. Do not unplug the power cord.
  4. Plug the USB storage device into your system.
  5. While holding the restore button, press the power button once.
  6. Keep holding the restore button for 10 more seconds, then release it.

    The software version of the update file on the USB storage device is displayed in the system web interface.

  7. Click Start Update to begin the factory restore.
    After the SD card is prepared, the system displays the Polycom startup screen and the usual software update screens on HDMI monitors. Other types of monitors are blank. Do not power off the system during the factory restore process. The system restarts automatically when the process is complete.