Set a Meeting Password

If you set up a meeting password, users must supply the password to join multipoint calls on the RealPresence Group Series system when the call uses the internal multipoint option instead of a bridge.

Remember the following points about meeting passwords:
  • Do not set a meeting password if multipoint calls include audio-only endpoints. Audio-only endpoints are unable to participate in password-protected calls.

  • Microsoft Office Communicator clients are unable to join password-protected multipoint calls.

  • SIP endpoints are unable to connect to password-protected multipoint calls.

  • If a meeting password is set for a call, People+Content™ IP clients must enter the password before joining the meeting.

  • Meeting passwords cannot contain spaces or be more than 32 characters.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Admin Settings > Security > Meeting Password.
  2. Enable and configure the Meeting Password setting.