Set Up Multitiered Directory Navigation

You can use the RealPresence Resource Manager to navigate the RealPresence Group Series system directories or contacts. Contacts are displayed in a hierarchical format, where you can select the top directory and search for contacts within each level of the directory hierarchy.

This feature is supported using a RealPresence Resource Manager server (LDAP) and does not include standalone LDAP servers or other global directory servers.

The following limitations apply to this feature:
  • You can use RealPresence Resource Manager 7.1 and higher only.

  • You can search and navigate up to three directory levels.

  • You cannot use the Polycom Touch Control to navigate the system LDAP directories.

  • This feature is supported on dynamically-managed video conferencing systems only.


  1. Go to Admin Settings > Servers > Directory Servers and make selections for each setting.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Servers > Provisioning Service and enable provisioning.