Update Software Automatically in the Local Interface

Using the Polycom Touch Control interface, you can automatically update the software from the Polycom server or your own server.

Polycom recommends that you set the maintenance window times so that the Polycom Touch Control is updated about an hour after the last RealPresence Group Series system update has completed.


  1. From the Home screen, touch icon image Administration and then touch Updates.
  2. Enter the path and address of the update site where you posted the Polycom Touch Control software in the Server Address field.

    To use the Polycom server, enter polycom.

  3. Enable Automatically Check for Software Updates.
  4. When the Export Restrictions notice appears, touch Accept Agreement.
  5. Specify the automatic update options:
    1. Touch Hour, Minute, and AM/PM to specify the beginning of the time window within which the Polycom Touch Control checks for updates.
    2. Touch Duration to select the length of the time within which the Polycom Touch Control can check for updates.

      After the Start Time and Duration settings are configured, the Polycom Touch Control calculates a random time within the defined update window at which to check for updates. It then checks for updates at this time on a daily basis as long as the Start Time and Duration values do not change. If the Start Time or Duration values change, a new random time within the new time window is calculated.

    3. Touch Action for Available Software Updates and select whether to be notified of available status updates only or to download and install software when updates are available.