Update Software Manually from the Web Interface

You can manually update Polycom Touch Control software from the Polycom server or your own server.

Polycom recommends that you set the maintenance window times so that the Polycom Touch Control is updated about an hour after the last RealPresence Group Series system update has completed.


  1. Open a supported browser.
  2. Configure the browser to allow cookies.
  3. In the browser address line, enter the IP address of the Polycom Touch Control using the format http://IPaddress (for example,
  4. If necessary, enter the Admin ID as the user name (default is admin), and then enter the Admin remote access password, if one is set.

    The default password is system 456.

    The first time you open the system web interface each day, you might need to enter a user name and password after you select any of the interface options.

  5. On the Home Page, under Touch Control details, click Software Update.
  6. Enter the server address for the update, then click Save.

    The default server address, polycom, is the address for the Polycom public soft-update repository and has the latest released software version available.

  7. Click Check for Software Updates to find the latest build on the server.

    The Polycom Touch Control Operating system and panel software versions are listed.

  8. Click Download and Install Software.

    Download progress is displayed during installation.

  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.