Configure System to Upgrade or Downgrade Software Through Skype for Business Server

You can configure automatic software updates for RealPresence Group Series systems from a Skype for Business server in the system web interface. Software downgrades from version 6.1.5 to a version no earlier than 6.1.1 are supported. If the Automatic Software Updates setting is configured for a system registered to Skype for Business Online, the system will downgrade to the version on the Skype for Business Online server.


  1. In the system web interface, go to Admin Settings > General Settings > Software Updates.
  2. At Automatic Software Updates, select Automatically Check for and Apply Software Updates.
  3. When the Export Restrictions notice appears, select Accept Agreement.
  4. Select the Start Time and the Duration for the scheduled software updates.
  5. Select Update Software from Skype for Business Server.
  6. Enter your software key at Software key to Update Skype for Business Server.
  7. Select Save.